Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Rhosilli Bay

Assalamualaikum!  Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time.

I have always wanted a getaway lately, to go far and  away from school, from homework, from any other responsibility. But nah I think that would never happen tho.

Anyway, let's talk about Rhosilli Bay. I went there once in December 2012 with my family. We went there on winter so there were not so many people coming. The place was so tranquilising and relaxing. We get to breath the fresh sea breeze, and the sun was so kind, pouring its shine all over the place. It was so bright and tbh I actually like it (I always hate sunshine in Malaysia).

There were so many sheep grazing the grass all over the place. Some of them even grazed the grass at the very corner of the cliff I don't even know what they were thinking about nak mati ke apa korang ni??! Haha what do they even care of me bahaha.

In spite of the sheep's poops all over the place, the place was still wonderful tho. The scenery was so picturesque and exquisite I don't even....... I love this place so much I really really really really want to go there again huhu u.u

I wish I can go there again in a family or friends vacation, school trip, honeymoon (LOL) and maybe just me alone having me and myself precious time together.

Okay that's all I want to say, till next time okay! =)

Btw, tomorrow is my best friend, Raja Nabila's last day in JESS :'(