Sunday, 28 April 2013


I'm not a good photographer. And I'm sad. I wish I am the past me, I used to take good pics, I used to give advises to Hazim aka my photographer mate about how to take good pictures, and he is so good in taking pictures. I wish I am as good as him. I wish that I am as good as my brother and my father because they are such a professional photographer. I wish I can go to any photographing program but I know the cost is too unaffordable. I have to learn how to take pics by myself. I hate it when my friend tell me "Ani, why is this picture like this, Ani, I look so ugly in this pic, Ani, how can you be the school photographer, Ani, what is the use of having a dslr if you can't take good pics, Ani, why is the lighting in this pic is so bad, Ani...' blablabla. I wish I am a professional photographer. That's all what I wish.

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