Sunday, 21 April 2013

Huga huga

Finally, I can have my blogspot back :') Actually I forgot my password back then, that's why la I haven't posted any post for about 3 months I think? 

Alhamdulillah, yayyyy thanks to Allah hihihihihi I don't know I am just too happy to have my blog back 

I don't know what else to say, so I'm just going to share to you my pictures of the week.
I met my ex-classmates just now at MAHISS Open Day I just miss them so much. 

From left; Syuhada mokkss, Huda gerdikxx, Fatin buntalzz, Ani comel and Aina gendutzz.

On Friday, my civic group and I made kuih buah melaka at Farrah Aina's house. Well to be honest, I didn't agree with the idea to make that kuih because I don't like the kuih. The texture of the kuih is sticky and it is unchewable hahaha  I don't know if that word actually exist because when I typed the word 'unchewable' the red zig zag line appeared under the word. I just want to describe to you how much I don't like that kuih but well, who am I to argue with my group. Everyone in my group seems to really agree with the idea so I just followed the flow hahaha. But I was actually happy because it was the very first time my group and I made the kuih and we had so much fun! =D

Yes, I am a rockstar so I made the rock sign ngehe

This is not kuih melaka anymore hahaha, this is kuih chocolate melaka. It tastes super delicious!

And last but not least, the cute me

So, that's all for today. All the pictures at Farrah Aina's house are credited to Ain Nabila (I stole the pictures from her instagram but fyi, I am the one who took the pictures except the rockstar sign, so I don't count that as steal hoho).
Three or four more homework to be done in 4 hours. Ahhhhhh somebody need to punch me so that I would not procrastinate anymore, why la, I'm not a good PRS huhuuuuu.
See you soon! Bye, may peace be upon you xxx
♥ Ani Noraqilah

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