Monday, 13 May 2013

I wonder...

I wonder what's going to happen in the future. Am I going to get straight A's in PMR and SPM. What school I'm studying next year. What university I'll go. Who am I going to marry with. Is he a current friend of mine or a future friend or is he a stranger. Am I going to be a historian like what I want, or maybe a dietitian, or a chef or a textbook writer (lol). Well, basically I want to work with food and history. Because I love food and I like to learn history so much. I wish I can be like my tuition teacher, he loves history so much that he studies  our country's constitution and he also travels all around Malaysia and Indonesia to search for history ohh he's so inspiring. I wonder how many children I'll have. I wonder if maybe I'll die tomorrow, or next month, or next year or maybe after this. I hope I'm going to die in a good way, with iman and with Allah's blessing. Amin, may Allah bless us. 

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