Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Allah bless us =)

I feel so down, lonely and sad right now, without a reason. I don't know why. And these feelings making me realise that I miss my siblings. It's been ages since all of us, gathering at mom's house, eating at the big table or going out to shoppig mall, doing windows shopping and stuff. I want all of us to spend our time eating on a big table that suits all the family members including my niece and nephew and we eat together, eating mom's tomyam or sup tulang and we're eating using mom's favourite corelle dinner set. We talk, arguing about something stupid, or talking about something informative, or making fun of each other. And then my father would scold my niece for being naughty. And I'll sing 'ada budak kena marah, namanya Maiyah'. Hahaha, I just miss our family reunion. Can't wait for the next Ramadhan and Aidil Fitri and we'll make a gathering at mom's house ;>

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